Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ham-Com 2012 Presentation

Hello Everyone,

The shack is still a big mess and the repairing begins.

Meanwhile, I have presented at Ham-Com, on Saturday June 9 a presentation titled, " 10-Meter Propagation Year-Round".

This was my first presentation at Ham-Com in 25 years (last in 1987) and was based on data collected from PropNET participants over the past 8 years. The presentation may be placed on the Ham-Com Website in the future, but I have posted it here for your enjoyment..

There is no audio, but has the main points are detailed.
Each slide is 30 seconds long and can be paused or moved forwards/backwards.

The Ham-Com link is below:

Enjoy the video....


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring/Summer Hourly Probabilities for Es

Es season will begin in earnest by the end of April. It will rise steadily until the summer solstice, then slowly decline towards the end of August. From the 2nd week of May through mid-August, conditions are excellent.
All of the following charts are based on 7 years collecting 10-Meter PSK31 signals on PropNET here in North Texas.

This chart represents what portion of the day will have Es activity.

These are hourly probabilities in 3-week segments from April 25 - August 28.

The following charts a single week hourly probabilities throughout the entire season.

Your results may vary, but understand that after 7 years I have discovered that Es have their own schedule and will follow very distinctive patterns. Do not look towards severe weather as a cause, only as a possible, but not probable localized enhancement. The only outside affect I have found are meteor showers.

I hope this helps your enjoyment of HF and VHF.

Art Jackson KA5DWI