Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Root Cause of Spring/Summer Es

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For years, many believe that Es are influenced by a number of factors.
1. Solar Conditions
2. Meteors
3. Moon phases
4. Jet Stream
5. Electrical activity (Thunderstorms)

Yes there are probable influences, but it is not the root cause for Es.
The root cause for Es are the tidal conditions of the Es layer in the ionosphere.

The charts are from HAARP (sorry, no mind altering is done there). These are foEp; the maximum frequency of the E layer.

In late April, the maximum frequency rises and compresses (High to Low). The maximum occurs at the Summer Solstice and returns to April values in late August. By the way, in the winter it does the opposite.

It does it every year with little change each year.

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