Monday, April 4, 2011

What to Expect During the Spring/Summer Es Season

Here is a recap of what you can expect during this year's Spring/Summer Es Season.

Es appear around April 21th to the 25th now and then. The first full scale opening appears near May 9-11. By the end of May, Es are in full swing and will not decline until mid-August. Activity-wise, it peaks very near the Summer Solstice. It rises quickly and takes its time end.

This chart represents the daily active hours you can expect during the season. For about 6 weeks, beginning the third week of May you can expect as much as 12 hours of Es each day. Three days (6/13, 6/18 and 7/4) average 16 hours.

The next 4 charts show the probability of working 10-Meter Es each week of the season. The dates listed are the beginning of each week.

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